MTRAVEL-Hotel Booking Guide


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Step 1: You'll need to be log on into your account and click the Red Earth icon.


Step 2: Choose the country and area that you are planning to go.


Step 3: Choose your targeted hotel, you will find hotel info and rooms detail.


Step 4: Once you have reserved the room type, select the check-in & check-out date & quantity, kindly proceed in clicking "Buy Now" button.


Step 5: Proceed by filling up your details in the fields provided and click on "Submit".


Step 6: Do double-check your reservation and click on "Pay Now".


Step 7: Choose the payment method you want and complete the payment.


Step 8: Payment is successful. We are processing your reservation and will notify you within 72 hours. Please check your email and booking history for the booking status.


Step 9 (optional): Once you have completed all the steps above, an e-mail notification will sent to you once the booking have the confirmed. You can now view it under "My Booking - Pending tab / Upcoming tab".


Step 10 (optional): Click on "Details" to vie your booking and print "Voucher" to have the proof of purchase.